The Jack LaLanne Show Vol 3

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Jack and BeFit Enterprises are proud to present yet another DVD in our most treasured series.
The Jack LaLanne Show Collectors Edition Volume Three!
The popularity of this series of vintage Jack LaLanne Shows just keeps on growing and we are doing our level best to keep up with the demand. Just like all our other DVD’s, each show has been digitally re-mastered and has not been commercially viewed in over forty plus years.
Again, Jack guides and motivates his viewers to a healthier lifestyle through exercise, food tips, and his overall philosophy toward healthy living. These shows are as viable today as they were back in the 1960s when Jack LaLanne was the pioneer advocate of physical fitness and sole preacher against the dangers of cigarette smoking and junk foods.
We hope you enjoy these shows as much as we do and rest assured there will be more to come!