LaLanne Postcard set

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Set of 13 Jack LaLanne inspired retro post cards. Each Postcard has a "LaLanneism" on the front along with a photo, and the back has a description of the photo. 01.) Fingertip Pushups-“Work At Living, Dying Is Easy!” 02.) Jack and Happy-“Do Don’t Stew!” 03.) Handstand Pushups-“You Eat Everyday, You Sleep Everyday And Your Body Was Made To Exercise Everyday!” 04.) Jack & Elaine With Juicer- “Exercise Is King, Nutrition Is Queen, Put Them Together And You’ve Got A Kingdom!” 05.) Jack & Elaine 30 Years Apart-“Life Is Great When You’re In Shape!” 06.) Pulling Boats in Long Beach, CA.-“It’s Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out!” 07.) Jack & Elaine At Muscle Beach-“Anything In Life Is Possible If YOU Make It Happen!” 08.) Jack LaLanne In Morro Bay, CA-“Your Waistline Is Your Lifeline!” 09.) Jack Demonstrating The Glamour Stretcher-“Make Haste Slowly!” 10.) Jack & Elaine Cooking-“Eat Right And You Can’t Go Wrong!” 11.) Jack’s 1st Gym In 1936-“Your Health Account Is Like Your Bank Account; The More You Put In, The More You Can Take Out!” 12.) Jack & Elaine Doing Sit Ups-“First We Inspire Them, Then We Perspire Them!” 13.) Jack Receiving His Star On the Hollywood Blvd. Walk Of Fame-“It’s Not What You Do Some Of The Time That Counts, It’s What You Do Most Of The Time That Counts!”