Fitness After 50 Workout Book

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by Elaine LaLanne with Richard Benyo

"Fitness After 50 Workout" targets 21 problem areas - one part at a time. Elaine has designed this program to augment your regular exercise to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Start today and begin looking your best! With the help of the dynamic Elaine LaLanne, you can shape up your body - one part at a time!

If you:
• Weight what you want, but want to shed that potbelly, trim those thighs, or tone your waistline.
• Are engaged in a general fitness program.
• Want to contour your body to take care of specific areas.
Then FITNESS AFTER 50 WORKOUT is for you! Elaine LaLanne has designed this program to augment the exercising you are already doing to increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. Starting with a weekly program - and concentrating on the specific body part that needs the most work - LaLanne leads you through to a monthly regime, and then a six-month schedule that combines aerobic workouts and specific body parts workouts - and still leaves you time for rest and recuperation.

With easy-to-follow exercises and demonstrative photographs, the latest information on fitness and aging, and LaLanne's own example to spur you on, you’ll soon be feeling and looking your best.