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WILL BE AVAILABLE AS AN E BOOK SOON. Dynastride! By Elaine LaLanne with Richard Benyo; Forward by Jack LaLanne. Elaine's own walking program is your way to new health and vitality! Walking is one of the easiest, most beneficial forms of exercise. Now you can follow Elaine's Dynastride program, specifically designed for people over 50. Elaine's clear, easy-to-follow program includes the whys, whats, and wheres of walking, plus important warm-ups and cool-downs; a One-Day-at-a-Time Starter's program for those who haven't exercised in some time, it's an easy walk to fitness; the 90-Day Miracle for graduates of the beginner's program, and for those who begin with a modest level of fitness; more challenging, more exhilarating is the Top-of-the-Pyramid...it's a 1-year program for those who want to go faster and farther; and finally, there's the Lifetime Program, designed for flexibility, it meshes with your real-life goals and everyday situations, while adding more variety and different levels of difficulty. Detailed week-by-week charts and progress reports let you see how far you've come. Whether you take the mall walks that Elaine leads throughout the country or walk through a local park, Dynastride! will help you feel better and look younger.