Surfboard Ding Tape

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Ding tape is a revolutionary new way to repair surfboards or paddle boards. The tape stays on the board for years and if applied correctly will keep your surfboard water tight. It is easy to apply and imported from Australia. The uses for this product stretch as far as ones imagination can take it. Protect your smart phone screen or keep a sticker on your car. Jon, Jacks son has even used Ding tape to keep a band-aid on in the water or in the shower. Jon is an ex professional surfer and board repair expert who wholeheartedly endorses this product. One roll can fix dozens upon dozens of small dings on a surfboard. Just make sure the area is clean and dry. The cost effectiveness of this product far exceeds that of cloth and resin. Apply the tape over the damaged area and keep surfing or paddling until you are ready to fix it yourself or send it off to a ding repair expert.